LOCATION:  Taikoo Hui, Guangzhou

CLIENT:  Swire Properties Limited

ARCHITECT:  Arquitectonica

ARTIST:  Polo Bourieau, France

Sculpted in seven separate pieces of white Chinese granite, at 10 metres high and weighing 64 tons, the title of BAGODA! is a play on words.

The Pagoda traditionally is a seven tiered tower or building erected in a favourable position to bring good omen, often built to secure geometric influences for the good of the surrounding district, to improve the Feng Shui of a locality.

A Bag is a non-rigid container.

An Ode is an elaborately structured poem praising or glorifying and event or individual, describing nature intellectually rather than emotionally.

For Polo, there is always a different reading of an art piece, and he sees his job not to give answers to the sense of life, which he would prefer to leave to the Philosophy masters.  The reflection here is: What is in your bag? What are you carrying? Does what we are carrying define ourselves and give us identity?  Why?  The material of bags of this sculpture bring an additional paradox, with the use of stone, one of the most rigid of materials.

SIZE: 10 meters high and weighing 64 tons

DATE:  April 2011

PHOTO:  Alison Pickett


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