TITLE:  Organic Float

LOCATION:  Warwick House East, Taikoo Place, Hong Kong

CLIENT:  Swire Properties Limited

ARCHITECT:  Wong & Ouyang

ARTIST:  Bahk Seon Ghi, Korea

Commission of suspended coal, carbon and wood sculpture in 3 elements, overall dimensions 4 metre high x 8 metres wide

Koreas Bahk Seon Ghi creates work whose uniquely philosophical nature continues to challenge, confound and ultimately captivate art lovers worldwide. Bahk is famed for his work with charcoal - a symbol of both functionality and purification. While actually very solid, Bahks pieces exist in a seemingly fragile intentionally unfinished state that demands us to imagine what each under construction item will look like when finished. Created specially for the lobby of Warwick House in TaiKoo Place, the artists Organic Float is a classic example of his oeuvre. Hovering dramatically 3-metre above viewers, the three charcoal flowerpots that make up this piece gently urge us to view household objects in a whole new light. For Bahk the almost invisible nylon threads that fix his works in mid-air are ultimately far more than just means of suspending pieces. They inspire us to re-evaluate those familiar concepts such as gravity, time and space.

Installation Video:  Warwick House installation

SIZE: 3 elements, overall dimensions 4 metre high x 8 metre wide

DATE: March 2011

PHOTO: Alison Pickett


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