TITLE:  Walking East

LOCATION:  Landmark East, Kwun Tong, Kowloon Hong Kong

CLIENT:  Winsor Properties Limited, Wing Tai Holdings

ARCHITECT:  Arquitectonica

ARTIST:  Polo Bourieau, France

A 5 metre high sculpture in painted corten steel of a man walking eastwards to give momentum and drama to this new office twin tower development.  The language of layers invite the viewer to become the kinetic element, revealing the skeleton inside as they walk around. This iconic 5 meter high painted corten steel sculpture in How Ming Street simply represents a man walking eastwards.  This monumental sculpture celebrates the adventuriers du quotidien who walk these streets every day in this very busy part of Kowloon, Kwun Tong.  Strong, sure and quiet, this man magnifies those thousands of anonymous pedestrians.  The layers with which the sculpture is designed represents the different levels and stories which composes each of our lives.  It also creates a physical dialogue with the architecture of Landmark East and invites us to a reflection between contemplation and dynamism.  Without a pedestal, this is a sculpture in the street, for the street, calling us to walk together toward new horizons, hopefully with the sun always in our faces.

SIZE: 5 meter Tall

DATE: June 2009

PHOTO: William Furniss


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