TITLE:  Transbud

LOCATION:  39 Conduit Road, Hong Kong

CLIENT:  Henderson Land Limited

ARCHITECT:  Steven Leung & Associates

ARTIST:  Polo Bourieau, France

Fragments of Memory comprising of a 3 metre high Buddha in black Shanxi granite layers with suspended pixelised pieces in the ground floor entrance and a series of 23 pebble sculptures in the upper floor lobby. Physically, a hypothetical Buddha sits at the shuttle lift lobby entrance on the street. This piece does not symbolise anything religious but represent instead the spirit of our collective memory. It is private and in the building but face the street open to the world and because of its position, everyone understand this is the welcome piece. In this perpetual game between past and present the texture of pixels seems flying away from the sculpture in thousands fragmented black granite pieces and invite us to proceed upstairs. Upstairs in the main lift lobby we find an installation of rocks. In between the tangible and the abstract the 3D pixels, those cubs at the end of their journey metamorphose themselves through an improbable phenomenon. In this installation we find our private and individual memories hold in innocent pebbles, which finally introduce us at home.


SIZE: 3 metre high

DATE:  2009

PHOTO: Steve Gorton


Unit B - 9/F Kwong Ga Factory Building - 64 Victoria Road, Kennedy Town - Hong Kong
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