LOCATION:  One Island East

CLIENT:  Swire Properties Limited

ARCHITECT:  Wong and Ouyang Limited

ARTIST:  Simon Heijdens, Netherlands

Shu - four wall and floor interactive computerized light projection installations.  Deeply nature inspired, Simon created a pair of banyan trees, images of which are projected on the walls which react to motion sensors set off by passers by, causing leaves to fall and swirl on the floor.  Wind and rain sensors installed outside the building make each tree react to real-time weather conditions, they move gently and serenely, scattering leaves on the floors, and on the Warwick House side a number of birds fly from one wall and into the tree, activated by the motion sensors set off by passing pedestrians.

SIZE: Wall projections 8 meters tall, floor projections various

DATE:  January 2009

PHOTO:  Swire Island East


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