TITLE:  The Opposite House.  Boutique hotel in Sanlitun district of Beijing

LOCATION:  Beijing, China

CLIENT:  Swire Hotel Group

ARCHITECT:  Kengo Kuma and Associates

ARTIST:  Wang Jin, China  -  Li Xiao Feng, China  -  Li Gang, China  -  Qing Qing, China  -  Fiona Wong, HK -  Mok Yat San, HK -  Lee Man Sang, HK -  Kum Chi Keung, HK -  Kwok Ying, UK  -  Pamela See, Australia

he sculpture collection of The Opposite House represents 10 of the best contemporary Chinese artists of the moment, from Beijing, Hong Kong, Australia and London.  Inspired by the textile-clad facade of the architecture, this collection was curated as a perpetual dialogue between the past and the present, interpreting traditional fashion with modern poetry and cutting edge materials.

For this, Wang Jin tailored an imperial gown in blue embroidered PVC.

Li Xiao Fengs fragmented porcelain robes of Ming dynasty blue and white porcelain reveal with melancholic humour what had previously been lost.

Fiona Wong embosses clay and terracotta to design delicate armored robes of peace.

Pamela See brings with her the ancestral art of paper-cut to create oversized floating feathers and metal sillhouettes.

This is a new generation of artists, selected to enhance the experience of a new generation of boutique hotel.

SIZE: various

DATE: August 2008

PHOTO: Dennis Lee


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