TITLE:  Rhapsody

LOCATION: Somerset house, Taikoo Place, Hong Kong

CLIENT:  Swire Properties Limited

ARCHITECT:  Wong and Ouyang Limited

ARTIST:  Jiang Weitao, China


Rhapsody - 5 large abstract paintings. Shanghai-based Jiang Weitao, created this series of abstract paintings, loosely based on Chinese calligraphy.  Each painting is characterized by a gleaming colour, yellow, blue, orange, red and purple, in complex layers and pigmentation and inter-directional brush work.  This 5 piece series creates transcendental mood and conveys boundless imaginations that perfectly matches the metropolitan atmosphere in Island East.

SIZE:  3 pieces 2m x 2m, 2 pieces 3m x 2m

DATE:  March 2006

PHOTO:  Copyright Swire Properties


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