TITLE:  Elements Mall - Metal Zone / Lift Atrium.

The Element Mall is an award winning 82,750 square metre retail complex on two levels above Kowloon Station, divided into Zones based on the 5 Chinese Fung Shui Elements - Fire, Earth, Water, Wood, and Metal.  A total of 8 monumental sculptures were specifically commissioned to identify each zone and enhance the architectural interior and complement the theme of the five elements.

LOCATION:  MTR Kowloon Station, West Kowloon, Hong Kong

CLIENT:  MTR Corporation Limited

ARCHITECT:  Benoy, Hong Kong

ARTIST:  Ralph Gschwend, Switzerland

Exocentric Spirits - suspended sculpture in aluminium and Lucite.  At the Lift Atrium at the Metal Zone, Swiss sculptor Ralfonso Gschwend's Exocentric Spirits, suspended mobile sculpture creates a splash of movement and colour, the aluminium and lucite rings counterweighted to move in natural air currents, overlapping and creating colour upon colour.  With the natural daylight the sculptures throw coloured shadows on the stonewall and floor below, at nighttime the artificial light enhances these pieces to be viewed from the Podium level above.

SIZE:  Overall 8 x 12 x 8 meters

DATE:  October 2007

PHOTO:  William Furniss


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