TITLE:  Chronos Trilogy

LOCATION:  Lincoln House, Taikoo Place, Hong Kong

CLIENT:  Swire Properties Limited

ARCHITECT:  Wong & Ouyang Limited

ARTIST:  Warren Carther, Canada

3 sculptural installations comprising of over 400 square metres of cast, carved, etched, dicroic and hand-painted glass panels.  The 3 sculptures represent the movement of time, past, present and future. At 12 metres high, Approach Of Time is one of the tallest free-standing glass sculptures in the world, Sea of time at 40 metre wide is one of  the longest!  Vestige has internal computerized lighting which changes slowly over the course of the day.

SIZE: 112 x 4 meters, 7 x 40 meters, 5 x 4 meters

DATE: September 1999

PHOTO: Gerry Kopelow


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