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  • Hong Kong Club - 2010
    Polo Bourieau, created this relief for the Hong Kong Club representing a pixelised ‘Petra’ inspired contemporary rendering of the famous original colonial Hong Kong Club architecture
  • The Upper House Hotel, Swire Hotel Group - October 2009
    Curation of sculpture collection for boutique hotel in Pacific Place, designed by Andre Fu. All sculptures in stone, ceramic and bronze commissioned by artists from Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Egypt, in calm and serene abstract forms to enhance and compliment the interior architecture.
  • East, Swire Hotel Group - 2010
    Commission of a number of site specific sculptures for new business brand hotel in Taikoo Shing, with interior design by William Lim CL3.
  • One Island East, Swire Properties - July 2009
    Commission of 13 pieces of hand carved wooden sculptures by Hong Kong artist Kevin Fung, the series entitled “The Real Me” a humorous reflection on day to day life in office towers. Each figure carved from a single block of wood.


Corporate Art  &  Sculpture Consultants


Orangerie International Ltd is a professional art and sculpture consultancy, established in 1995 in Hong Kong by Alison Pickett. We have been engaged and retained by numerous high-profile clients throughout Hong Kong, Asia and Europe, to curate and commission art on their behalf in order to enhance and improve their developments and projects. We work directly with artists all over the world, from established famous artists, to young up-and-coming emerging artists - our sources for sculpture are boundless and unlimited.

We source work of art direct from the artist studios, workshops and foundries in order to meet our clients expectations and demands to acquire real art rather than decorative art without paying high gallery or retail prices.

Every client is dealt with on a individual and unique basis. As a small consultancy, we specialise in careful and controlled client service, by limiting the number of projects we at any time are engaged in, this enables us to give our clients the 100% attention they deserve.

Our prime ability is to assess and understand the client’s needs directly, and understand the requirements for their project, enabling us to translate these into the most suitable art selection on a case by case basis. We also believe that the client is an essential part of the team, along with the architects and interior designers. A successful project is one where we all work together as a team to achieve the goals established in advance.

Part of our role is to source alternative and cost-effective fabrication solutions, where required. We have long-standing relationships with pre-approved studios, foundries and workshops in art centres around the world. These artisans specialise in the fabrication of sculpture for both local and international artists. This facility have enabled us to obtain more cost-effective prices, and provided an opportunities for sculptors from all over the world to have their sculptures realised. This not only saves the client money, but also establishes an international cross-cultural exchange which is an important aspect of working in the arts.

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